MaREI is a research, development and innovation centre, supported by Science Foundation Ireland, that operates across the energy, climate and marine sectors. 

Our activities are motivated by the need to address three global challenges; namely the energy transition, climate action, and blue growth, resulting in the development of a dynamic research ecosystem that is responsive to the needs of academia, industry, government and society. 

MaREI is coordinated by the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at University College Cork and has over 200 world-class researchers working across 6 academic institutions collaborating with stakeholders across more than 36 countries. 

The MaREI Centre conducts fundamental scientific research relating to marine and renewable energy applications and enables the development and testing of technology  through to the construction of demonstration systems.  MaREI offers unique world class MRE testing infrastructure, state-of-the-art structural laboratories, novel prototypes and measurement equipment that allow the systematic identification and reduction of development risks through a structured TRL development cycle. This, combined with the technical competence of its employees, makes it a preferred research and development partner for companies and research institutes across the world.  Our specific strength is our ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and combine insights to allow a wide spectrum of research and development services.

Contributing to ERBE will be internationally recognised experts from across our institutional partners at University College Cork (UCC)University of Galway UoG)University of Limerick (UL)Maynooth University (MU)University College Dublin (UCD)Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), the Economic and Social Research InstituteDundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT)Trinity College Dublin (TCD)Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS), and Tyndall National Institute.

Who we are looking for

Key to the success of the ERBE CDT student cohort is the mix of academic and professional backgrounds of its students. Students from all backgrounds with an interest in the ERBE themes are encouraged to apply including: Social Science, Architecture, Data Analytics, Physics, Materials Science; Computer Science; Mathematics and Engineering. 

Applications are welcomed from both EU & Non-EU students. For non-EU students, please be advised that there are English language requirements in place for each institution which must be adhered to. 

Applicants with other relevant qualifications or extensive relevant industry experience who can show evidence of a scientific and engineering research capability may also apply.

All students must meet the minimum language requirements of the relevant organisation.

“In collaboration with our partners in industry and government, we are looking forward to training students to make an impact in the energy and buildings sector. Our 4 year PhD programme of training and research, under the supervision of world-class researchers, builds on the successes of the LoLo CDT in Energy Demand as well as the success of MaREI itself, a research and innovation centre leading the way in addressing global challenges.”

Professor Brian Ó Gallachóir – Director at MaREI