Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The ERBE Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) plan has been developed to help students from all backgrounds feel included in ERBE and to help develop them as EDI ambassadors for the rest of their careers.

The primary means of doing this are:

  1. To encourage equality, diversity and inclusivity in energy and buildings research.
  2. To foster a positive and inclusive working environment free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation in all aspects of the ERBE CDT’s operation.
  3. To provide access to ED&I training for students and staff which will help them beyond their time in the centre.
  4. To collect and report an appropriate level of data to inform discussion & future actions.

The meaning of ‘diversity’ can sometimes be unclear. As a starting point, we have focused on gender, as under-representation of women in the energy and buildings sector is evidenced by published research. Another group which appears to be under-represented in our experience is BAME; therefore, our EDI plan also includes actions relating to increasing racial diversity.

Implementation of our EDI plan is through our EDI Strategy which will enable us to meet our Short-Term and Medium-Term Priorities.

Short-term priorities

To ensure that all students and staff experience a positive and inclusive working environment we will:

  • encourage equality, diversity, and inclusivity in our recruitment, teaching, and research; and
  • ensure that all staff and students are appropriately trained and so aware of our ED&I policies and practices.

Medium-term priorities

We aim to have a positive impact on ED&I in organisations beyond ERBE by:

  • graduating students who are ambassadors for, and will make a difference to, diversity in the wider energy and buildings community.
  • continually improving our ED&I strategies, policies, and practices to ensure that we make a tangible difference.